Faile Family post from Kathy Shiver!

Hi! I think this is a great way to find out where we come from especially for me as my Mother’s Father was John Newton Faile married to Vertie Lee Pitts. I know very little as he was elderly when my Mom was born. Can you help and how can I see one of those red books?

John Newton Faile was born 1877 to 79 roughly and died in 1961. He was from Blount County Alabama and moved to Panama City, Florida in 1911 (well it was actually only Bay County then as the city had not been established). He was a County Commisioner from 1917 to approximatly 1927.

I only know of these relatives from his obit of 1961–
7 daughters are Janice Rebecca Faile Hall of Opelika, AL – Velma Faulk of Gainesville, FL – Pearl Zediker of Lynn Haven, FL – Stella Alexander of Calloway, FL – Betty Thomas of Palatka, FL – Ora Dean and Louise Mitchell of Panama City, FL
7 sons are Gene Faile of NC – Lanier Faile of Cape Canaveral, FL – Elmer Faile of Wewahitchka, FL – Lavaon Faile, John N Faile Jr, Coe Faile, Desso Faile or Panama City, FL
6 sisters are Ethel Goodman, Ida Smith, and Levy Milligan of Birmingham, AL – Lila Norris of Terrant, AL – Elizabeth Jones of Onato, AL – Rebecca Faile of Warrior, AL
2 brothers are Eugene Faile and Francis Faile of Warrior, AL
He had 27 grandchildren and 30 great grands in 1961! WOW
My Mom is his youngest child and she has only 1 picture of him. It is my greatest desire to provide her a bit of his history and pictures. Can you help?

Kathy Shiver

NEW! Faile Family post from Ann Faile Millican

I am descended from the John Faile (1654) line 0f Failes. I grew up in the Flat Creek/Charlesbora part of Lancaster County, the same area where George Washington Faile lives. In fact, I remember him; I was six when he died. He was my Great Granfather; Robert Lee was my grandfather, and R.B. my father.
I have written a story of ‘Old Daddy’ or ‘One-arm Daddy’ (as he was called), and will share it with any interested.

Thomas Faile b. 12-30-1788 m. Mary Funderburk b. 1799 d. 1833

Thomas was one of Lewis Fail(e) children.  Thomas & Mary left South Carolina and moved to Alabama..  Although, they left Lancaster County, their son, Nathan Grandison Faile lived in Lancaster Co.  and produced heirs.

Thomas & Mary moved to Alabama where Mary was killed by the Indians in the area.  Thomas lived the rest of his life there, living with his daughter Elizabeth in his old age.

John Faile b. 11-13-1775, Lancaster SC d. 12-6-1840

John Faile, Taxahaw SC, Lancaster County was the son of Lewis Fail(e).  John was a farmer and lived his life in Lancaster County, South Carolina.  John married Elizabeth Fuller in 1805.  Most of the Failes in South Carolina descend from John Faile and Elizabeth Fuller Faile and his brother Thomas Faile and his wife Mary Funderburk.  John was born on November 13, 1775 and died on December 6th, 1840.

John Faile b.11-13-1775 & Elizabeth Fuller (Taxahaw, South Carolina)

Chances are if you are a South Carolina Faile, you descend from one of the following six children of John Faile  & Elizabeth Fuller.

Thomas Faile m.  Sarah Weaver

William (Billy) Faile m.  Jailey Phillips, my line

Lewis Faile m.  Matilda Faile, m.  Ellen Jean Welsh, m. Adaline Webb

Jacob Faile m. Gatsy Jane Faulkenberry

Mary Polly Faile m. Amos Cook

John (Jackie) Faile m.  Martha Kennington

FAILE FAMILY POST – NOVEMBER 7th, 2011 from Jamie Hammond

Jaime Hammond Says:
November 7th, 2011 at 3:33 pm e I am the granddaughter of James Faile, who is the son of Jack Faile, from Lancaster SC, all these names are familar from a former search of my family history and I was wondering if you had any more information and I am especially looking for a Nathanial Faile who fought in the Civil War, if you have anymore info I would really appreciate it!! Thanks! I can be contacted via emai

Mark Fales – Dixon Fail, Revolutionary Patriot 1776 #

Mark Fales Says:
October 22nd, 2011 at 3:46 am e

WOW…. I have been on and discovered this and he is my 4th great grandfather in a direct line.
Mark Thomas Fales (Me)
Gene Thomas Fales (Father)
William Thomas Fales (Grand Father)
James Monroe Fales (Great Grand Father)
Stephen Fales (Great Great Grand Father—NC 4th Calvary Civil War)
Alexander Fail (Great Great Great Grand Father)
Dixon Fail (Great Great Great Great Grand Father)
I love your website will share with others in my family!

Faile Family Post July 6th, 2011 – Thomas David Faile

  • Thomas David Faile Says:
    July 6th, 2011 at 12:46 am eThe records I have can from the “Faile” book. It dates us back to Abraham Fail , who was the earliest known immigrant from Scottland.. He immigrated in 1656, and had only one son who’s name was John. John was born in 1656, He had seven children,1-John,2-Thomas,3-Mary Bass,4-Anne,5-Elizabeth,6-Martha,7-Mary Fail. Thomas Fail had nine children,1-Mary,2-Martha,3-Elizabeth,4-John,5-Thomas,6-Ann,7-Lewis,8-William,9-Dickson. Lewis Fail(e) was born Feb.,5,1751 and had five children,1-John,2-Jacob,3-William,4-Thomas,5-Catharine. Thomas Faile was born Dec.,30,1788 and had two children,1-Nathan Gradison,Sr.,2-Elizabeth. Nathan Gradison Faile,Sr. was born Nov.5,1815 and he had six children, 1-Mary Nelson,2-Sarah Jane,3-John Isom ( Ring neck )-twin,4- Josiah Flanigan-twin,5-George Washington,6-Nathan,Jr. Josiah Flanigan Faile was born May 13,1841 and had three children,1-Joel Flanigan,2-Elizabeth (Coot ),3-(Blue) George Washington Flanigan Faile. BlueGeorge my grandfather was born Oct.,4,1866 and he had fourteen children. Six were by his first wife,1-Kinley Milledge who was the father of Tommy Faile, who played on the Author Smith Show 1n the 60?s,2-E.J. ( Nine Toe Jack ),3-Mckinley,4-Deannie,5-May,6-Edna. Blue George married my grandmother after his first wife died. He had eight children with her,1-Ollie ( who is 91 and still kicking ),2-Myrtle,3-Davis ( Son ),4-Alice,5-Rena,6-Thomas,7-Mary,8- Bub ( Pete ) Faile, my dad. Bub faile was born on July 12, 1940 and had three children, 1-Bonnie Lou,2-Buster Pete,3-Thomas David Faile. I was raised in Kershaw,S.C. and is now married and living in Chesterfield County, S.C.
  • Dixon Fail, Revolutionary Patriot 1776

    Dixon Fail, is my great, great (x 7) Uncle.   He was Lewis Fail(e) brother.  Thomas Fail was his father.  Dixon fought in the Battle of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina in June of 1776. 

    Dixon fought in this war when he was just 15 years old.  A few months shy of his 16th birthday.  The Battle of Sullivan’s Island was a significant victory for the patriots prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

    Thomas Fail was living in Lancaster County, SC at the time that Dixon fought in this war.  Sometime after the war, Dixon moved back to Johnston County, NC where he had been born and raised and this is where he raised his family.  He lived there until at least 1832 where he was eligible for a pension.   Two neighbors vouched for his age when he filed for his pension in August 28, 1832 were Hardy & John Avera, his nephews and son of his late sister Ann Fail.

    R.L. Guffin, Tuscaloosa, AL helped with this story.  His great (x7) grandmother is Ann Fail.

    Lewis Fail(e) b 2-5-1751

    Lewis Fail was born to Thomas Fail in North Carolina on February 5th,1751.  Lewis married Mary Free of Barnwell, SC of Dutch heritage.  Lewis added the “e” to Fail just before 1800. 

    Children of Lewis & Mary

    John Faile b.11-13-1775 – Lancaster county (Taxahaw, South Carolina)

    Jacob Faile b. 11-8-1779 – Lancaster county, SC.  He left Lancaster county and moved to Alabama.  Jacob Faile married Rebecca Cagle

    William Faile b. 11-15-1784 born in Lancaster county, SC.  He later moved to Alabama where he died in 1832 in Blossom Springs, AL.

    Thomas Faile b. 12-30-1788 born in Lancaster county, SC

    Catherine Faile  (married someone by the last name Faulkenberry unknown year)